New Service Request

Welcome to the Molino Utilities Incorporated Community. To set up new service, you must come into the office and fill out an application. There is a $65.00 deposit ($45.00 meter deposit plus $20.00 processing fee) that must be paid before we are able to turn the water on. The $ 45.00 deposit will be returned to the customer upon cancellation of water service if all the bills are paid in full. We only accept cash, check or money order at this time. 

If you are looking to get a new meter installed, the pricing is different. For business meters, please contact our office for pricing. We have 2 different sizes we recommend for residential services. If the home is less than 500 feet from the road, you will need a 3/4 inch meter which is $1,760.00 (which includes the deposit). If the home is more than 500 feet, you will need a 1 inch meter which is $2,210.00 (which includes the deposit). However, there are certain locations in Molino that will not be able to get the 3/4 inch meter and would have to get the 1 inch meter.  To verify the size meter, please contact our office. We look forward to serving your water needs.